Internet of Things-based cigarette smoke detection system at SMKN 1 Tirtajaya that uses NodeMCU and the MQ2 smoke sensor, together with Telegram notifications


Ahmad Anas


Adolescence is an age that is easily influenced and has a high curiosity like trying to smoke. Included in the school environment at SMKN 1 Tirtajaya, students often smoke in the toilet because it is considered the safest area. The author conducted research using Arduino Uno as the main component in the development of the Cigarette Smoke Detection Tool combined with the MQ-2 sensor and NodeMCU as a module used for cigarette smoke detection, and the module will notify the specified mobile phone when cigarette smoke is detected in the room. via Telegram. The results of this test are the MQ-2 sensor can detect if there is cigarette smoke in the school environment, especially in school toilets