Based on Visual Basic.NET and Microsoft Access, the NURSANAH Perfume Shop in Karawang designed a perfume sales information system


Muhamad Hariyanto
Ahmad Anas


Nursanah shop is a shop that is engaged in the perfume business in Karawang which is used to give a fragrant smell to the human body, object or room. Nursanah's shop still uses conventional methods as perfume sales report data, starting from the flow of goods in and out, sales transactions, stock searches and reports. On the basis of these problems, the author aims to design a perfume sales information system at Nursanah Stores using Visual Basic.Net and Microsoft Access Database with the waterfall method. This research resulted in a perfume sales information system that can be used by stores to facilitate the sales process and clear transaction reports with more precise and accurate data and information. This system is also used on one server and is not connected to the internet and can speed up the process of input, output and report generation which in turn helps, makes it easier for stores to manage the sales process as a means of meeting customer needs.