Employee Workload Data Processing Information System Using Android- Based Time Motion Study Method


Achmadi Hudadin Albarqi
Yodhi Yuniarthe
Romi Hendri


The production process carried out by PT. Umas Jaya Agrotama which is carried out continuously for 24 hours in order to meet the company's achievement targets with a production capacity of 80,000 tons per year with a total of 105 employees while the production process is only stopped when the cassava stock runs out or when a thorough machine maintenance will be carried out. It is known that the data on the number of employees and the company's achievement targets are not balanced, therefore the company measures the workload of employees to obtain data related to the workload that is borne by each employee. The purpose of this study was to assist companies in designing and building an information system for processing employee workload data using the Android-based time motion study method. This information system was developed using the Rapid Application Development (RAD) method so that the resulting information system is in accordance with user needs with a shorter processing time. The method used to measure the workload of employees in this study is the Time Motion Study, which is a method that measures the workload of employees by recording movement and time.